Monday, February 6, 2012

11 questions, 11 randoms

I got tagged by Raina (Small Town Runner). You're supposed to answer 11 questions, and then list 11 random facts about yourself, then you're supposed to tag 11 people. But I'll skip the last part.

11 questions:
1. What did you do for fun in your childhood? I watched a lot of TV. Saturday morning cartoons were the best.

2. What's your hobby other than running? Tennis

3. What's your most embarrassing workout related moment? Having GI problems in a trail race and having to use leaves as TP.

4. Would you rather run a 50 miler or do an ironman? Easily a 50-miler. I'd die in the swim portion of an ironman.

5. Which celebrity would you run with? Scott Jurek or any Tarahumara runner

6. What's your favorite movie of last year? I can't think of a favorite movie from last year, but for this year it would have to be the Green Lantern, even though I know a lot of people did not like it very much.

7. What's your fashion must have? I'm not into fashion.

8. What's the one material thing that you can't live without? Sushi. I can't get enough of it.

9. What's one of your life goals? To run 100-milers and other ultra distances all over the world.

10. Which childhood place holds most memories? My parent's house, which is about one mile from my own.

11. Where in the world would you go if you can go anywhere?
I would go to Europe, to race in the Aps at UTMB.

11 randoms
1. I was a nerd/ teacher's pet for most of my childhood. I loved to read and did very well in school.

2. I was usually one of the undersized runts in all my classes.

3. I ran cross country and track in high school, but I was always one of the slowest guys on the team. By my junior year though, I ran well enough in the 400 and 800 to be part of the mile relay team. I usually ran a 57-59 second 400-meter split, which wasn't super fast compared to the other guys, but it was decent at the time.

4. I have 4 sisters and one brother. My wife has 5 brothers and one sister. We are opposites in many ways!

5. My brother has Cerebral Palsy. Even though that is a sad fact, there is no need to feel sorry for him or for me.

6. I was raised Catholic, and go to church every Sunday, but I never feel like I fit in there. I am more of a free believer. I disagree with the rules of the church. And yet I love God whole heartedly.

7. I got my bachelor's degree in Philosophy.

8. I started practicing martial arts my senior year in high school and practiced for about 10 years. I stopped practicing shortly after my Jujitsu instructor passed away in 2001.

9. I worked as a bouncer in a bar/night club for 2 years. It didn't pay much, and it was a bit dangerous at times, but it was also a lot of fun.

10. I began working as an intern at Ames Research Center, and became a full time IT Specialist there. My wife (GF at the time) didn't think there was a future in "bouncing" at a night club, so she introduced me to the internship coordinator, and the rest is history.

11. I have two beautiful daughters, aged 10 months and 4.75 years old.