Thursday, June 14, 2012

A Fun Run With Scott Jurek

The book Born to Run inspired me greatly. But it was more than just the book.  It was the people in the book; real life people; that I found so genuine and inspirational. I met Caballo Blanco in 2009, and I met Ann Trason and Jenn Shelton in 2010. And yesterday, I was privileged to meet another legend from the book - Scott Jurek, himself, in the flesh. And he did not disappoint, with his kindness and sincerity.

We went on a nice 4.25 mile fun run along the beach that felt simply magical. The weather was perfect and the scenery of the beach, the ocean and the Golden Gate Bridge in the distance was just fabulous. I was able to run alongside Scott and chat with him about Caballo Blanco, and the Copper
Canyons Ultra. It all felt surreal. But I have pictures to prove it all wasn't just a dream!

We started taking pictures with Scott the moment he showed up.
The fun run came first around 7:15pm
Most of the miles were done at an easy pace of 10 minutes/mile, although a few of us were running backwards to take pictures.
 We had a lovely view of the Golden Gate Bridge and the beach!

Some of us took turns running next to Scott and chatting with him. 


 Here we are at the turnaround point in the run, where we decide to take a few group pictures.

 Beautiful, isn't it?

 Before the book signing, Scott talks about his book and then answers a few questions from the crowd.

And here is me with Scott Jurek himself, after my books are signed.


  1. From all I've seen, this was a great evening! And if I remember right, you're running WS100, right? Did you get any tips?

  2. No, I'm not running WS100. Someday, I hope to, but not this year.