Friday, December 20, 2013

Western States Dream

The Western States States Endurance Run is my Boston Marathon. This is my dream race. This year there were 2704 people entered in the lottery, and 4307 tickets (some people had up to 5 tickets)! I had only one ticket in the lottery! The lottery happened on December 7th, and I am still wondering how my name got pulled.

It's been 10 days, and I am still having trouble writing about everything. Overall, I am overjoyed and excited at the opportunity to run my dream race. I am also scared/frightened/terrified of all the things that can derail/crush/destroy this dream of mine. What if I get injured during training and can't even toe the starting line! What if the race day temperatures climb to 100+ degrees! I'd be screwed!

I've been telling everyone about this dream race. I get goosebumps just thinking about the race. I quit tennis to run and train more. I took off a day from work every other week to train - all day on trails. And I hired a coach! I am hoping that a coach can help me stick to a training plan and keep me on track. I ended up choosing Ann Trason as my coach. She is probably one of the greatest ultra runners of ALL time! And she is a really nice, knowledgeable person too!

This quote keeps coming to mind when I'm feeling overwhelmed.
The future belong to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams. - Eleanor Roosevelt.
 It reminds me to believe in myself. Like my old high school coach used to believe in me. Like how my old cross country teammates believed in me.

You have to believe in your dreams no matter how difficult or crazy they may seem. You cannot give up. Do everything possible to realize your dreams. But do not neglect your family and friends. Dreams that have already materialized are no less important than the ones you are reaching for. All of my friends who believe in me - you help make my dreams come true. I don't feel like I am alone in this journey, and if it doesn't have a happy ending, that's okay. Because I know I have a great family and great friends (some I haven't even met yet) who love me just the way I am. Thanks guys.

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