Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Western States Training Update

Q: I heard you just ran an official Western States Training Run! What is this training run all about?

A: The training run covered the last 22 miles of the Western States race course. It only cost 35 dollars and anyone can sign up and run it. A shuttle/bus takes us out on the course and we simply run to the Western States finish line. There are two aid stations and the course is marked very well with yellow ribbons. This year there were 3 busloads full and the run completely sold out! 

Q: How did you do? Were you racing or just taking it easy?

A: I was treating it like a training run, but I ended up running it at a medium pace (for trails). After the 22 miles, I went back out for another 8 miles to give myself a total of 30 miles. I finished in 5:40:16, which is pretty fast for me! 

Q: You're crazy. Were you a walking zombie after that? 

A: I got a nice massage after the race and the drive home took 2 hours and 15 minutes. I felt great! This Western States training is feeling pretty awesome! I ran a 6 mile recovery run the next day and feel completely recovered. 

Q: How is the Plantar Fasciitis feeling? I know that was one of your main concerns.

A: It gets a bit sore after the super long runs or the fast tempo runs. I ice it twice daily and the easy runs in between the tough runs seem to keep the PF happy. It hasn't gotten worse thankfully. And I plan on getting some massage and soundwave treatments to keep it quiet.

Q: Any other aches and pains you want to confess? 

A: My left knee feels a little tight sometimes, but it always loosens up nicely during my runs. I had some nagging pain in the first metatarsal of my left foot. At first I thought it was something like sesamoiditis or hallus vargus, but the pain went away. I probably just banged my toe on a rock going downhill a few weeks ago. 

Q: What has your mileage been like lately? 

A: I've been running 6-7 days a week, with the big trail runs on weekends. 
2/10/2014 — 2/16/2014: 77.0 Mi
2/3/2014 — 2/9/2014: 70.3 Mi
1/27/2014 — 2/2/2014: 56.5 Mi
1/20/2014 — 1/26/2014: 64.6 Mi
1/13/2014 — 1/19/2014: 71.2 Mi

Q: Does Ann Trason's coaching help? What has she been doing for you? Would you recommend her as a coach?

A: I think Ann's coaching is helping a lot! She has been setting my training plan every two weeks. She has been adding core and weight training sessions to my training too. Without her, I probably wouldn't be doing so much cross training on top of all the running. I talk to her every two weeks on the phone, and we chat about my training and she answers any questions I might have. I like talking to her about the stuff she's working on too (like what races she plans on running and the new 100K race she is directing in September)! I would definitely recommend her as a coach, especially if you're training for an ultra! 

Q: Is there anything else you want to share about your training?

A: It all feels surreal. I am living the dream and I feel really blessed. I'd like to thank my family and friends for all your support and encouragement. There are only 130 days left till the big race!

Just a few pictures of the trails:

I don't really like conga lines on narrow single track trails. Especially when my legs are itching to run!

A new friend! Kim is running Western States this year too!

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  1. Awesome John, glad to hear things are coming along...