Tuesday, April 15, 2014

A Yosemite Long Run

This past weekend, I went to Yosemite with my family! My parents and siblings all went. About 20 of us stayed at the Yosemite View Lodge Hotel, which is only a short distance from the entrance to the park. We went on a easy hike in the morning with the kids. In the afternoon, I went back into the park to go for my long run. I was still recovering from the American River 50 Mile from the previous week, so I was only planning to run around 15 miles.

I parked at the Bridalveil Falls parking lot and started my run through Yosemite Valley. It was a glorious run. I ran up past a ton of tourists on the Mist Trail, past waterfalls and all kinds of amazing sights. I did not want to run back the same way I had run, so I decided to hop on one of the free shuttles to get back to my car once I was done with my run. My run was not easy. There were some really steep sections that could only be hiked at a snail's pace. At 14.3 miles I ended my run and hopped onto a shuttle bus.

That would have been the perfect ending to a great run filled with gorgeous sites. But I made a mistake. It turns out the shuttles don't go as far as the Bridalveil Falls parking lot, where I parked! I was tired. I had already run for 3 hours. Usually another 5 miles after 14 would not be a problem, but I had no more fuel and it was getting dark and cold. Instead of hitting the more windy trails, I chose to run back on one of the main roads. It sucked. But I got it done. Here are some more pictures from the run! And one bonus picture of my family.


  1. OK laughing at the comment that you are recovering from the 50 miler and are only running 15 :)
    Sigh... I will be there at some point!
    The photos are incredible. I want to go there SO badly. The run must have been amazing.
    Your family is getting more lovely with each year! That's a wonderful shot. Thanks for the advice/ encouragement on my blog. I ran another 12 on trails today after my trailish log road 14 on Saturday... and I think I am finally - maybe - getting some endurance back!

  2. Sounds like a great time with the family. We just did some camping and cave exploring at Pinnacles. Kids love caves in case you were looking for other ideas...